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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Breakfast

Folks, remember I posted a story about a coffee tumbler from Starbucks with gift certificate I received as a sort of an incentive? It has 31st December 2010 as its expiration date. The Christmas activities, work and my plan of moving to a new place preoccupied my already clogged brain. It was around middle of November I last visited a Starbucks closest to my place of work. I thought of using the gift certificate for a coffee mug or a tumbler. Those that I saw being sold at that time were the expensive ones. Being a practical buyer, I hesitated buying those expensive mug or tumbler just because of the Starbucks logo. I thought maybe comes December they will have new stocks reasonable enough for me to let go of my treasured gift certificate.

I had forgotten all about the gift certificate until last night. I happened to open my cabinet to get my gift for my godchild. The Starbucks paper bag with the gift cert inside it was in there as if greeting me. This morning after work, I teased the young man at the counter inside the Starbucks near our office. I would like to renew the gift certificate because the tumbler I would like to buy is not available. He declined politely with a grin. I had a fresh brewed coffee and a sumptuous sandwich for breakfast. I was the first customer. I told the young good looking fellow at the counter they will have lots of customers after me. True enough. While I was seated in a couch waiting for my order, more customers started to line up.

What caught my attention are the Caucasian families of six. Judging from their English accents they are British. The two cute little boys with curly yellow hair started pounding on the wooden table. I guess they had mistaken the table as a drum. I looked at the cute little ones with the smile while their grandma busied herself looking at them with her finger between her lips gesturing silence. When I got up after the last gulp of coffee the young lad at the counter called out – “Thank you ma’m… Happy New Year!” – I replied with a smile and thumbs up then headed to the bus stop for a ride home. Not bad to start a new day!  


mannoy said...

Morning with a cup of coffee is a good way to start a day. I am also a coffee lover but only the ordinary and cheaper ones.

delightfullness said...

lucky buena mano...♥♥♥

Country Mouse Studio said...

yes, great way to start the day. They have made it illegal to put a date on a gift certificate in Canada.

Zezebel said...

Happy new year my dear friend, :D. Hopefully this new year will bring lots of joy and success to you.

Jolly Princess said...

@mannoy- I guess you cannot beat me on the cheapest coffee. I could enjoy a cup, another cup and still another cup for free. We have free supply of coffee at work. :)@delightfullness - Yes, I am. Whenever I go to a place to eat or buy something and I am the early bird. I would wish the same. True enough when I would turn my back. More customers come in. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Country Mouse Studio- Wow! That is good to know. I hope they would do the same in the Philippines, that gift cert should not have expiry date. Nice info, thanks for sharing. :)@Zezebel- Thanks Z, for the good wishes. I am an optimistic but also a cautious person. I have high hopes for more blessings this coming 2011. :)

Ren said...

Jolly Princess,

What nice way to begin a new year!

Well, Happy New Year!

I wish you much happiness and prosperity.

Jolly Princess said...

@Ren- Happy New Year! ALL the BEST for 2011! ♥)

Jill Wellington said...

A sweet story with the little boy. So you didn't get to use your coupon??? DARN!!!

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