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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Happy Home

The house is located in the east where the sun rises. Expect a bright sunlight in the early morning. It is located at the second level, single detached. At the ground floor is the garage where the owner parked their CRV car. It is newly constructed. The painting outside the house is not well done. But it is alright. I live inside not outside the house. The house is made out of concrete material. The only woods are the built-in cabinet and doors. The tiled flooring is so easy to clean.

I am posting photos to let you know what made me too busy for a month I had been away from blogging.
This is the living room. Wardrobe is a perfect divider. I have some stuff stored at the back. The color of the 19 inches TV, 5 cubic feet refrigerator and computer are silver. I did not buy them at the same time. I want the color to be uniformed. The ref is the latest addition.

It took me several days of mall hopping before I found the right couch I wanted. Right, my favorite color is red. Size of the couch fits small house too.

At the kitchen, I had to use other selves for groceries and toiletries. I will fix them later.

The small dining table is for me, my nephew and my niece. This will do for now.

Inside the bedroom, there is a small opening up there for the air to circulate. I want it covered to avoid the dust from the outside. The duck curtain is perfect! 

We are still kids by heart. I had to use double deck bed to have room for small bedroom. 

Bathroom color is blue and white to match the color of the faucet. Those brown things on the floor are leaves of tamarind tree that came through a small opening on the wall. The tamarind is beside the house.

The terrace is perfect for drying clothes. These clothes racks could be adjusted at the height I wanted. I plan to put some insect repellent plants in here. They could be grown in pots.

Thank you for taking time, taking a look at my simple but happy home. 


Multibrand said...

Hi JP,

Congratulations on your brand new home. You have really done a nice job in decorating the home. WOW!
You are a talented home decorator.
I wonder whether I can ask for your help next time I want to redecorate my home ? lol.

Bear Wife said...

The living room is slightly small
JP, but I must say it looks comfy
and cosy with a woman's touch. The
tiles look nicely polished and as
good as brand new. Over all very neat interior

How nice it is to come back to a place so homely, after a long and
stressful day at work ....

Ryan said...

What a great new place JP, it must be a weight off your mind to finally get settled in. I'm sure you'll be very happy here.

Stephaine said...

wow so in order... love it... thanks for sharing the lovely home...

Jolly Princess said...

@Multibrand- I should have been an architect or interior designer, then, Harry. (lol)@Bear Wife -Yes the living room is small but I made it a point to keep it orderly. Right, I want my home to look cozy coming home from work. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Ryan- Yes, I am happier at my new place. I have privacy and I am with my family members. @Stephaine - Yes, I want an organize home. I do not want a big house that I would have difficulty cleaning.

Sangkutsa said...

wow thanks for sharing your new home Ms Jolly! feeling nakapunta na din ako :) and I'd like to say that I like the color combination of your cabinet and your sofa, very earthly at sa totoo lang parang nakakatakot dumihan hehe...

btw, I have my *new and more personal blog here's the link :) hope you can visit me there too.

Cheqna said...

Hi JP,

its "home sweet home"..

hope you have recovered from the moving house exercise. :)

cLai ♥ said...

thank you for posting JP
I wanted to put an insect repellent plants in my room too..but I dont know what kind of plants...
any piece of advice?

WebbieLady said...

Congratulations, JP! Ang ayos naman...kailan ang housewarming? Pweding mainvite??? :)

Cheers and enjoy your stay!


Jolly Princess said...

@Sangkutsa- Actually my nephew is teasing me I am so clean. I just want thing to be orderly at home. I visited your new site already. Nice. :)@Cheqna - I am still tired but happy that finally I am able to get a place I like.

Jolly Princess said...

@cLai ♥- Just go to the malls that sells plants and ask for the variety of insect repellant plants. I found them at SM Megamall and Market Market Mall. @WebbieLady - Thank you friend. I hope we all could fit into the house. :)

jhengpot said...

hi ms jolly princess, ur home looks comfy... i love color red too... and i love the pair of shoes on the right side of the couch..hehe

nonaa nelson said...

ms.jolly , the white stand fan colour was really attractive :)i like it .

Jolly Princess said...

@jhengpot- Welcome aboard. The red shoes belongs to my nephew. He has 2 more rubber shoes, he wears them alternately. I impose no shoes policy inside the house. Shoes and slippers that are used outside should be left on that area or should be at the shoe rack. :)@nonaa nelson- Welcome to my blog. Thanks for liking my electric fan. I like it too. Color is dark pink and white.:)

Jean said...

JP, I am so dang happy for you and your niece and nephew! Your new place is wonderful! Ya know I like smaller spaces. They are easier to maintain.:)

vijaya said...

hi friend neat and clean is so beautiful.

Jolly Princess said...

@Jean- Thank you my friend. Right, I do not have so much time for cleaning. Smaller place is what I really need. @vijaya- Thank you dear. I hope I could have my own (like you) in the near future. :)

Melanie said...

Congrats on your new home! I'm happy you are settled, and enjoying your new space. It does take time to make a house a "home". Happy decorating!:)

Jolly Princess said...

@Melanie- Thanks for the blog visit but sorry for the late reply. Really busy these days.

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