Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hobbies, Collections, Etc,

You wonder if the owner of these toys is a boy? No folks. These collections belong to my eleven- year old niece. She is sporty kind of girl. She had played with Barbie and Ken when she was younger. She had collections of the doll, accessories, cars and doll house. Later when she learned of these toy guns she just wanted to have collections of them. I copied the following photos from her Facebook account including the captioned she typed. Yes, she is the girl who plays violin. She loves to play these toys with her two-boy cousins when they would come to the Philippines during Christmas and New Year Holidays. 

Nerf Darts, Nerf Sunglasses, Furyfire, 6 dart clip, Another Furyfire, 2 35 Dart Drums, Raider Gun, Barrel From Old Broken Recon, Secret Shot, Nerf Deploy, Deploy, Nitefinder, Normal MAverick, Clear Maverick, Small Gun..Forgot Name, Raider Shoulder Stock, Shoulder Stock From Recon
She loves building blocks even as a toddler. As she grows older her blocks still occupy a space in her room.

She typed –“ My safe, opened. Oh look, a smiley face brick!
             Her caption – “My 100% homemade Lego safe. 100% lego. It even
             has its own lock."

She saves all the monies she gets as birthday, Christmas presents and rewards for getting good grades. She used them for her collections. 


Stephaine said...

I spent some of my hard earned money when i was young to buy train..."toy" but right now i dont know where they are. moving from one place to another really cause people a lot of lose.

Multibrand said...

Hi JP,
That's surprising.
I used to think that girls who played violin are more feminine than others, so they only play with girlie toys.

anna-maria said...

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Jolly Princess said...

@Stephaine- I hope my niece will treasure her collections. :)@Multibrand - My niece is sporty kind of girl. But when she crosses her legs when she take a seat. I know she is a girl in every way.:)@anna-maria - Thank you. Appreciate your blog visit. :)

Anonymous said...


Wow, that's a pretty big shift in interests for a gal who used to play Barbie. Probably she had loads of fun playing with her cousins. >_<

Princess Zezebel Lair said...

I used to collect seashells and stickers, but now....just feel too old to keep collecting it anymore.

Jean said...

Your niece sounds very balanced.
I like her Lego safe!:)

Jill Wellington said...

Ha ha! She has some fun toys.

Jolly Princess said...

@Bear Wife - Even her daddy and mommy play with her toy guns. Her 2 boy cousins (from mommy side) are so fond of her. They are just so noisy when playing. @Princess Zezebel Lair- I like collecting scented candles.:)@Jean- She loves Lego, Jean. @Jill Wellington - She used to search for these NERF guns on internet. :)

cLai ♥ said...

i love lego! ^_^

Ryan said...

My son has the barrel gun and yes I have the bruises to prove it.

Jolly Princess said...

@cLai ♥ - Love it when my nephew and nieces would play them. But it is time consuming. @Ryan - Most kids love the toy. :)

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