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Monday, June 20, 2011

I am Moving Again

Folks, I may not be online for a week or two. I am moving again. This time it will be a bigger place compared to my present home. I promise to post some photos soon as I get settled. I will have my phone and DSL transferred. I was advised by my phone and internet provider it would take a week or two depending on the location I am transferring to. Likewise they would take into consideration if the house is blacklisted or has available facilities already. Hopefully, it will be transferred soon. I have no time to go to internet café to post and visit blogs.

I am not happy my current landlord and landlady, they are spouses, did not deliver what they  promised me, especially the sub-meters for electricity and water. When I moved to their apartment 1st of February 2011, I repeatedly asked if I will have my own utility meters. I was assured I will have. Later, my electricity service was disconnected. I had to pay for the usage of the other tenants just so I will have the service back. Being out of electricity service in the warm weather in Manila is no joke.

My move in schedule at the new address is this Sunday, the 26th of June. I will have my phone and internet transferred to the new address on Friday, the 24th. I hope this time the new place will be a lot better with regard to facilities and all. Okay, I am packing my things now. See you soon guys. Be good while I am away.
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