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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Surprise Visitors

My sister was here in Manila last week for three days visit. Just in time for my youngest brother and his family to visit Manila from Singapore. My sister stayed in my apartment to be with her daughter who stays with me. Mother and daughter had a great bonding in cooking. Yes, my sister is a great cook. Please do not ask how I fair with her. I can cook alright, just the basic cooking. My brother and his family stayed with his in laws. His brother in law has a big house intended as vacation house for all of their family members.
My surprise presents- laptop and IPhone

I had great time with my family members. We visited our parents at the memorial park were they were laid to rest. Ate, chatted, the limited time is not a bother. At least we had bonding time. My brother and his family came to my apartment last Thursday, Oct 20, my day off. I slept late last Thursday. I never thought I could manage to be up until 12 midnight, Friday. My sister left for the province after four days. My brother and his family had a brief stay for five days.

Guess what I got from my visitors? My sister filled our ref with food stuffs that could last for about fifteen days. I teased my niece I should have taken some of the groceries out of the ref. Had I known, my brother would open the ref. We should have more groceries courtesy of my brother. Anyhow, I am happy for what my brother gave me, a laptop and IPhone. They are slightly used, but are lovely and in good working conditions. I wanted to buy a laptop had I not transferred apartment and bought some new home appliances.


H. Nizam said...

You are very lucky to have your sister who filled the refrigerator with stocks for 15 days! WOW!
Also to have a brother who gave you computer and Iphone, another WOW!.

So now there is no reason for you not to update this blog PJ ... LOL.

cLai ♥ said...

Wow what a great family get together
I guess we'll have one also this coming all soul's day...its good to have family around...^_^

My training didn't pushed through
they said the account was pulled out
so i have to wait for another job I guess...

I moved into another blog....^_^

audrinajulia said...

Hi JP!It seems you had a great time with your relative.:) Sometimes having new in the house makes you more excited to get home aside from the fact that the routine for a while changes. Glad you have a laptop now that you wish to buy and now you're having it for free! yey!God bless!

♥Sie♥ said...

weeeeeee..a happy family are so blessed to have them Ms. Jolly..*hugs hugs* ;)

passing by have a happy morning po ;)

Cheqna said...

Hi JP,

Its always good to have family gatherings...n wow, 15 days food supplies? are lucky..hehe..

Enjoy the new laptop n iPhone!


beanizer_05 said...

mommy mommy! can i play in your lappy??? pweeeeeeeassee????
and and can i borrow your iphone?? *puppy eyes*

are there chocoweyties in the ref???? *yum yum*

Jolly Princess said...

@H. Nizam - I wish I could stay longer online Harry. I love to be with my computers. The thing is I have my real world to attend to. @
cLai ♥ Well, that means the job is not yours. Start looking for another one. @audrinajulia- I am home body but it makes me too busy as well. As if I will never run out of things to do when I am home.

roffe said...

Yes, its wonderful to have visit by the family.
Have great days ahead..

Balqis said...

Hi Princess! I'm thinking of you and here I am now! Miss you and this blog. It's nice to be able to read your interesting post again. You're so blessed to have a strong family bonding. It's really super sweet to be able to spend time together even for just a few days. Wow! you really have surprises from your beloved siblings. So nice! :)

Jean said...

JP, Glad you had a great visit with your family!

Ryan said...

So happy that you had some quality time with your loved ones JP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Jolly, how have you been? What a great surprise from your siblings, esp the gadgets :D Good times!

*I wish I have more "kapatid". #imho

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