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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Customer First

Thank you for calling how may I help you today?”
“I am calling about my telephone. I reported the noise on it since December. I was promised of someone coming but, no one has ever come to our house. My husband is undergoing chemotherapy. I have to endure this noisy telephone every time I call his doctor.”
I received the call from a soft spoken lady a minute before I log out to end my shift, around the second week of January 2012. I could imagine the effort calling from a very crackling telephone. We had to shout at each other to be heard. I responded without hesitation, accessed the trouble ticket. To my surprise, I searched an open ticket that indicated “acknowledged” by dispatch but no technician was ever assigned. 
My instinct dictated to me the lady on the phone needed her phone badly. Putting customer first, I did not mind at all extending my working hours. I rebooked the ticket, routed it to the correct department. To backup my request for priority, I sent a request for manager call back. I assured the lady on the phone. Someone will call her the soonest possible time and her phone will be fixed.
Three days after the call. I received a notification though my email the issue was resolved. I felt happy reading the email. I could see in my mind the smile on the face of that soft spoken lady. By putting customer first on my list, I believed I extended a much needed help to the lady customer and her husband. Likewise, I retain a satisfied loyal customer.

This is an excerpt from what I had written for our essay writing contest at our office. I hope my entry would arrive in time. The first one I sent through email came back to me. I had to resend my entry. Wish me luck, folks.


sudhi said...

Wow! Nice job Ms.Jolly , loving our work irrespective of time make our life really happy :D !!!!

Country Mouse Studio said...

It's such a blessing to find a customer service person who cares I hope the blessings return to you :O)

Cheqna said...

Dear JP,

Great job!..n Good Luck with your entry..sure hope you'll get the recognition!


Jolly Princess said...

@sudhi ,@Country Mouse Studio, @Cheqna – Thank you ladies. It is always a great feeling to see you in my blog. Appreciate your comments too. Hugs!

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