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Monday, January 09, 2012

My Precious Gifts

Enjoying dinner on New Years Eve. I forgot we do have comb at home.:)
I had a simple Christmas and New Year celebration. Simple as I did not spend a lot for decors and food. After all I have to watch my diet. I have voracious appetite. The only things I spent a bit more is my gifts to my family members, godchildren and close family friends.  I had to ask my family members of what they wanted to make it easier for me to shop. I had to work on the budget for the items.  For my godchildren I know what they wanted, toys. I did not ask some friends of what they want. The question is exclusive for my family members.  I love shopping but my limited time will now allow me to. The wish list was a great help. My family members did not ask me what I wanted but they sure know what to give me. Here are my precious gifts. I do not care much of how expensive or how much do they cost. The excitement of accepting them is what counts to me.
My precious microwave. My first gift  from my nephew.
Old rose shoulder bag and blue legging paths from my sis and her family
Shoes from my youngest bro and his family.
My youngest bro was assigned by his company in Dublin Ireland. I got these cute t-shirts from him.
I thought of sharing some of my blessing to my fellow Filipinos who were not fortunate to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. When our HR at the office asked to share to those you were impacted by typhoon and flood in Mindanao area. I sent email to have some amounts be deducted from my salaries for these people.
                 Have a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, folks!


♥Sie♥ said...

hello Ms.Jolly Happy new year din po..I miss you po *hugs* ;)

sudhi said...

Hello Ms.Jolly , Its been long time seeing you. I'm glad that you had a wonderful Christmas blast!!!!

H. Nizam said...

Hi JP,

I am glad that you received many gifts for Christmas. God bless you

Jolly Princess said...

@♥Sie♥ and @sudhi - Thank you ladies for being so thoughtful. Appreciate your gesture of friendship. @H. Nizam - Yes, I am truly blessed for having thoughtful family members. Or, maybe I got lucky they got well paying jobs. (lol) Thanks for the good wishes my friend.

beanizer_05 said...

HAppy new Year Mommy!!
You remember me??? *wiggle wiggle*
where are my gifts? *sniff sniff*
you forgot me na..*pout*

Jolly Princess said...

@beanizer_05 - Oh, dear how can I ever forget my online baby.:) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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