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Monday, January 16, 2012

Jolly Princess Is Four Years Old

My blog Jolly Princess @ World Wide celebrated its fourth blog anniversary last Jan 11, 2012. Yes, the birth of this blog was Jan 11, 2008. Since, then until now this had been my window to the World Wide Web.

Jolly Princess is my personal journal. I write whatever I feel I would like to share with my readers. This blog absorbs my feelings. Who says I am alone when I have the World Wide Web to share my thoughts with?  This is the beauty of being a blogger. You communicate and learn to share your feelings with others. Most of all you gain many friends.

Folks, I hope you guys would never let up visiting my blog despite my absence in some months.  A word of thanks and appreciation to those who leave comments and let me know of their visit. To those you expressed concern in my days of absence – A MILLION THANKS! :)


H. Nizam said...

Happy belated fourth birthday Jolly Princes.
I hope that you would always up date it with interesting stories about you.

Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, 4 years and going strong, dont stop writing or sharing with the world your events and thoughts. I always enjoy your tales.
Looking forward to sharing more blog birthdays with you.

Country Mouse Studio said...

Congratulations Jolly Princess, I am so glad to have met you

Mimay said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog Ms JP! Please continue to inspire us with your thoughts. ^_^ God bless! Happy New Year!

Jolly Princess said...

@H. Nizam - Thank you Harry, I really hope so I would be able to update my blog. I am getting too tied up with work at the office and my household chores. @Luke Regler- Thank you for enjoying my stories and the thoughts I am sharing on my blog. It is always such a nice feeling seeing your smiling face here most of the time.

Jolly Princess said...

@Country Mouse Studio- Thank you my dear. Having you as one of my blogger friends is a bliss. @Mimay - Thanks my dear. Happy New Year too! I am honored whenever I see you here.

Cheqna said...

Congratulations JP! Keep on writing and sharing your thots, and hope you are having fun doing it.


Jean said...

Happy 4th year as a blogger! You are older than this way at least.:)

Balqis said...

Heartiest Congratulations on the fourth anniversary of your blog! Your blog is growing strong. :)

I'm sorry for being late. The other day, my friend and I were thinking of you cos it's been a long time since seeing you around.

spiky said...

wow.this is totally great. im keeping up my hopes high that i would reach that span or perhaps more than...happy blogging. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Cheqna- I am happy to see you in my blog as always. @Jean- Let go of me now so I can type. (lol) @Balqis - The greeting is fine. I posted late anyway. Thank you. @spiky- You can surpass mine. Just have time for blogging. ;)

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