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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yesterday night, I reported for work as usual. It was a little different anyhow from previous nights, I have no voice. I remember the voice of Ariel being stolen by Ursula at the Disney flick Little Mermaid. I hope no one attempted to steal my voice. It is one of my greatest assets. Likewise, talking as most gentlemen knew is the best pastime for most ladies. I am not exempted.

Yes, I do sing, inside the bath room. Working in a call center, my voice has a price of gold. The gold is just converted to Philippines Pesos. I was allowed not to accept calls. Otherwise I might get dissatisfied customer. They might think they are talking to Minnie Mouse. While I sat on my desk, I read all work related emails, saved the important ones and deleted those that are not needed. I created folders for each updates and tools I used at work for easy reference.

All of a sudden, I learned the art of sign language. It is good enough we have office communicator. The communicator is similar to that of yahoo messenger. The only difference is we cannot post our photos in there. I guess it is safer that way. At least no one could post our photos in an unfavorable websites by any chance we get entangled with some technician missing an appointment for repair.

The communicator is our fastest way of communicating in all departments either here in Manila Philippines or sites overseas. My temporary disability enabled me to read the website we are using as guide in trouble shooting phone features of our customers. Trouble shooting may include activation code for voice mail, call display not showing the phone number and name of caller, call forwarding not working, etc.

I do not smoke as opposed to the lifestyle of most call center agents. I had colds for two days now. We still have warm weather in Manila and to drink cold water is very tempting.  Now, you know, not who, but what to blame for the loss of my voice. At this time, I had to take in more liquid just tap water and hot tea with lemon.

After sitting on my work station for several hours, our Office Manager approached me. I can go home. I was allowed furlough in lieu of and administrative work. Thanks goodness! The team captains in our account are very efficient. No filing work to be done! I just had a second thought. Possibly some agents had same case as mine. I heard cacophony of coughs. I was home via a taxi cab after around twenty minutes. I do hope by the time I write a new blog post. I will have my voice back to its original state. Wish me luck, folks! :)


Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, Blogs are coming thick and fast, a bit like mine at the moment, and in a bizarre way of looking at things, its nice to see you have your voice back! I hope your spoken voice recovers, turn off the AC and keep your neck warm.

Lets hope you are back to full power soon.

Clai Estabillo said...

Get well soon and fast!!! ms. jolly! ^_^

Jane said...

Here's hoping that your voice returns soon!


Jolly Princess said...

@Luke Regler - Thanks Luke. Tonight I sent text message to my team captain, I will report to work tomorrow. My voice has yet to recovered fully. :)@Clai Estabillo- Thanks for the good wishes. I will be fine. Will report to work to tomorrow for another night of rest. @Jane - Thanks for the good wishes and blog visit, Jane. Good to see you back to blogging. :)

littleyana said...

I hope you get your voice back soon!

Only fish recipes said...

Hi there.....came in thru bloggers.....u hav a wonderful space....hope u get back ur voice soon :-)

Country Mouse Studio said...

Get well soon, I hope you get paid sick time.

Cheqna said...


Do get well soon..and hope your minnie mouse voice can be returned by to its owner soon..(hehe)

Good of you to find alternative things to do instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Have a good rest, no more ice water eh?


Jolly Princess said...

@littleyana - Thank you friend. Appreciate your concern. @Only fish recipes - Thanks for the good wishes. Welcome aboard! Got a steamed fish for me?:)

Jolly Princess said...

@Country Mouse Studio - Thank friend. Yes we do have sick leave. If you do not them our 6 days are convertible to cash every Feb of the succeeding year. But my team captain had me on furlough. I had still unused vacation for 2011.@Cheqna- Micky Mouse will be delighted for me getting back my voice. Mini Mouse still owns her identify. (lol) Enjoy your vacation in Holand.:)

Clai Estabillo said...

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