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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

London Lad

This is the very first photo my nephew posted a day after he arrived in London. This was taken from his cell phone by a friend.  Funny, when he was on his way to UK we were anxious monitoring him on Facebook.
When the plane landed in Doha Qatar, he posted a comment he is in Qatar already for the connecting flight to London. We, his close relatives commented on his post. Some of his friends replied on his post too.  The next post we read was he was about to sleep, already in London. The following day, the post was he was watching rugby in South Wimbledon with some friends. 

My nephew will be attending two weeks training with a male office mate. They left for London, Saturday 3rd of March. His travel expenses, housing, allowance and other expenses to London are shouldered by their office.  I guess he had gotten busy. No time to post some more photos.

Okay folks, please do not tell on me. He does not know I am posting his photo here on my blog.


Matt Harvath said...

HI! Your nephew will have a great time. Not a bad deal either. The trip of a lifetime. I wish him luck

Jean said...

Wishing your nephew a great and safe visit!

Cheqna said...

NO I won't tell on him (...i don't have his contact details..hehehe..)

Hope he's enjoying the training and the short trip there.


Jolly Princess said...

@Matt Harvath - Now I know the name of the semi mad man. (lol) Welcome aboard! Thanks for the blog visit. @Jean - Thanks Jean. I was about to tell him I am praying for his safe travel. I had second thought he might think I am treating him still like the boy I used to play with Ninja Turtles. How time flies... Now, now he is already a young man.

ravali said...

lol,am a good kid so i won't tell him but i will text him...haahha..
well i really like europe too,all the best for your nephew!!

Tish said...

He's so lucky to go to London! I hope he enjoys his trip!

Country Mouse Studio said...

They grow up so fast but we still worry :O)

Jolly Princess said...

@ravali - (lol)Welcome back my friend. @Tish - Welcome aboard. Thanks for the blog visit. @Country Mouse Studio- Right..I guess it just because we care. :)

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