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Friday, March 16, 2012

More on London Lad

In my previous post I blogged about my nephew being sent to London by their Manila office. He works as a web designer. Let me share with you a little background of this young fellow. Nope, he is not an achiever in his college days. Like most stories of some young successful entrepreneurs. School is not a favorite place of my nephew. He wants to earn money but he does not want to study. His mom graduated from one of the best universities in Manila, University of the Philippines and my brother despite being a working student, graduated from Ateneo University in our province.

When my nephew was in high school his grades are not satisfactory. When he was about to graduate we were worried he will not make it. He was enrolled in a good school in high school. He could see some of his classmates coming to school with parents dropping them off to school in big cars. He often asked his mom, why they do not have money despite his parents graduating from good schools. Out of these premise he concluded education is not needed to become successful. Therefore, he does not need to study to earn money. We did not let up on him.

I used to tell him jokingly he is good, he is my relative. We give him gifts on his birthdays and Christmas to boost his morale. I would tell him we will not be able to buy those items if we do not have jobs. We have good jobs because we studied. Education became our passport to elevate ourselves from poverty level. We were thankful he graduated in high school. Time for college after his first year, he advised his mom he would like to stop. He feels he does not want to go to college.

My sister in law decided to give in rather than forcing him to college with failing grades. After a year of quitting college, he decided to go back to school. I guess it was due to the prodding of his high school classmates. All of them must finish college. I likewise used to remind him I know how good he is. He used to be a scrabble champ in his elementary grade. In his fourth grade, he defeated the sixth graders in scrabble. He was never defeated by anyone from his fourth to sixth grade in his elementary years in scrabble game.

Finally, he graduated after six years in college out of the four years business college course. I gave money as a gift for him to start with, while he is looking for a job. He started a part time job on web designing, designing a website for a bank. He was happy to receive his precious money from web designing job. He would accept jobs like trouble shooting and fixing computers. After about six months of side line jobs he was finally hired as a web designer by a company for a full time job. He accepted another side line job aside from his regular job. Meaning he got two jobs. 

He took a special course on web designing at University of the Philippines the Alma Mater of his mom. After eight months working full time, their company closed. He was endorsed to another company. The new company became his passport going to London. He still maintains his other job. The transformation is great! From a once upon a time an almost drop out boy to a hard working lad. I am happy for him. He found his interest and dream job. I know he will have some challenges ahead. We, his family members will always be ready to lend our helping hands.


Clai Estabillo said...

very inspiring!
life has totally a lot to offer..
and is fun because it comes in different ways of surprises

Jolly Princess said...

Yes, it is. We were all happy for him upon knowing he will be sent to London.

Gaia Eos said... wish you a fabulous Sunday my friend take care hugs Gaia ;)

Jane said...

What a wonderful and very inspirational post!


roffe said...

Yes, school is very important.He is like me when I was young, but I had to implement the school and study.. TELL HIM TO STUDY..

Jolly Princess said...

@Jane- Thanks Jane. Welcome back to WWW:)@roffe - Yes, now he knows the importance of getting educated. :)

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