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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Busy Me

Green salad for my dinner. Soda is not on every meal. :)

I had been too busy these past two days attending to my household chores.  Working on my laundry, house cleaning, attending to my plants, going to groceries, all these stuffs, plus I had to attend two hours training for two days at work.  My two days off, flew away just like bubbles.  My concern is when I get to work a lot inside the house I had the tendency to raid my fridge. Instead of burning calories as I sweat a lot, I tend to add more. When my house shorts get a bit tighter that is my clue. 

Once again, I made commitments, no more stuffing up myself with calorie laden food. I promised to eat at least two cups white rice or brown rice a day. Or I can have veggie salad or two slices of wheat bread to substitute a cup or rice. I can have seedless mandarin orange for snacks, bananas, or pineapple. Oh, yes, I started my diet at dinner time last night.

At work, I had a change of schedule this week for my day off, Sunday and Saturday now instead of Thursday and Friday. Meaning I was on day off yesterday, Sunday comes this Saturday will be my second day off. I have split off day off schedule this week.  We cannot choose what our scheduler would plot according to our score card. I prefer weekdays off instead of weekend.

Our office had a free gym opened at our site last 10th of April. I have to rearrange my schedule just to be able to work out. I promise I will find time. Or should I say, I am making a commitment I will allot some of my precious time for the work out. Who does not want to be looking good, healthy and sexy, after all?  Hmmm, I know you are smiling. :)
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