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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Fathers Day!

       * To all Daddies in the world * 

Not in all days you are given tribute by those whom you had guided to make   this world a little better place to live. On this day solely for you, I am wishing you all ...



Jean said...

My Dad passed when I was 16 but I always remember and honor him on Father's Day. He taught me so much in the short time he was with me.
Hugs JP!!!

Giancarlo said...

Un caloroso saluto...ciao

Semi Madman said...

Thanks! I had a wonderful Father's Day. How have you been?

Jolly Princess said...

@Jean- Oh, sorry to know your dad passed away at your younger age. I am lucky to spent years with my father until he passed away of liver cancer at 72 years old. @Giancarlo - Welcome aboard.@Semi Madman - I am glad you had a wonderful celebration of Fathers Day. I am good my friend, just very busy.

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