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Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Murderer

I took this photo of the young bitter gourd in my terrace months ago while it started to grow into a vine.  This vegetable is ampalaya in Filipino lingo. This is one of my favorite vegetables. I put two lines of straw to hold it while it stretched out as it grew.  About three months ago it started to bear fruits but smaller than what I expected. The fruits had not turn any bigger when I noticed they started to become yellowish then turned into orange color indicating fruits had ripened. 

Out of curiosity I cut one of the fruits in a half. Gosh! What were inside were tiny yellowish worms! I thought it was because of the warm weather we had during our summer months. One morning, getting home from work, I found some tiny flying insects I could not identify hovering from one fruits to another. I ignored them thinking they were some kind of species of bees. The following day I found the same insects. Two days after, all fruits of my bitter gourd became yellowish in color with tiny holes. I fought back! I got hold of a mosquito spray and aimed the nozzle in those insects! The following day I noticed some of leaves of the plant weathered. 

Those insects bothering my bitter gourd were all sprawled on the floor of my terrace. The ants that built anthill beside the foot of the plants were also gone. The sad news is I murdered my plant! Two days after I sprayed the mosquito spray the bitter gourd dried up. My bad! Not only I do not have the green thumb of my parents, I am a plant murderer. It is a bitter way to learn. I promised in the heap of the dried leaves of my bitter gourd, no more insect spray on plants. :)
These were some photos I took of my favorite plant


Jean said...

Dear JP,Remember that we learn from our mistakes.:)
Hugs my friend!

Mhie@travelentz said...

That's how we learn..Iwan ko ba kung bakit di ko talaga favourite vegies yang bitter gourd.gusto ko lang na pagakaluto nyan is lagyan ng eggs..hehehhe

sudhi said...

Bitter gourd is my favourite vegetable too Ms.Jolly. If we spray natural scent from neem plant on any plant we can save them from worm infection , I wish I could grow bitter gourd on my terrace. Don't feel bad about that plant Ms.Jolly people learn from mistakes isn't it!!

roffe said...

Yeah, you have to be careful with poison. I use a special Norwegian (its green) soap mix with water.It keep the small worm away.

John's Island said...

Hello Jolly Princess, I sure enjoyed your post here about the bitter gourd. This is my first time to hear about it and I am wanting to try some since it is your favorite vegetable. I wonder, what does it taste like? Can you compare it to something I might know ... maybe squash? I am interested in trying it, so I'll see if I can find it in Seattle. Thanks for the info! John

Jean said...

Checking back to see how you are doing. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog.

Jolly Princess said...

@roffe - Thanks Rolf, yes I learned my lesson.@John's Island- Good to see you again friend. If you are to eat it first time. You may not like this plant. Squash taste a lot better. @Jean- I am doing well Jean. I am I could be of help in my own little way.

Jolly Princess said...

@Mhie@travelentz- You are not alone. Most of my friends do not like this veggie. I was born and grew up in farm. I eat all kinds of vegetables.@sudhi - Thanks girl for the advice. I will take note of that next time. Yep, love this veggie. I can even eat it raw. :)

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