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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Aftermath of Monsoon Rain

This was taken by my nephew outside their office.

Manila, Philippines and nearby provinces, such as Batangas, Cavite and Laguna, experienced another weather disturbance. It happened last 6th of August 2012. I did not pay much attention to the continuous rain as my place has less rain compared to other places In Manila. Little did I know in most places, residents were being evacuated from their houses as flood water begun to rise to its alarming level. Rained poured its fury in some areas in the evening of the 6th of August.  After my work shift in the morning of the 7th, I received text messages from my family members asking me about the flood. I sent text message to my niece, who also works in a call center like me.  She was safely home at five in the morning.

I was home at eight in the morning. I was asked by some neighbors if my way from work to home is flooded. No, there was no trace of flood water in our place, same as on my way from work to home. My niece was sound asleep when I opened our door with my key. I prepared our lunch, ate ahead of my niece. I waited until she woke up. I asked if she was bothered by flood water on her way home. She got wet in the rain, but no flood water. The water in the river beside our apartment building was swollen. Not from the rain in our place, but an overflow from other flooded rivers in Manila. My niece left at around four in the afternoon, that day of 7th of August her work shift was at seven in the evening. 

I left home at around ten thirty in the evening, 7th of Aug. Reading my email, an intranet account when I got to the office. The 7th of August was declared holiday due to severe flooding in Manila. Those who reported for work were entitled to special holiday pay. We were a handful who reported for work.  As a result we had to endure the long queue. Some customers were already irate by the time we answered the call. I thought to myself. It is alright, at least there is no flood water in my house. I do not have to wade in flood water coming to work and going home. 

Folks, I am safe despite the flooding in Manila. I would like to thank those countries who pledged financial assistance to my countrymen who were not as fortunate as I am. God Bless everyone!

              (Here are some photos taken by my nephew outside their office)
My nephew watching the flood outside their office.


Luke Regler said...


Just stay safe thats all that matters. The weather and floods look far too similar to those in Jakarta, probably caused by the same problems, too much building and too little consideration about drainage and of course existing drains and gutters either full of rubbish or broken. But if you could send some of the rain to Jakarta it would be more than appreciated as my plants are starting to wilt.

Take care and stay dry

ravali said...

Hey Princess,hope you are doing well,my goodness you take good care of yourself ok.Well it's been days i have talked to my online buddies anyways,how's you??

Jean said...

JP, I am so darn glad that you and your family are safe!
Hugs to you my friend.

audrinajulia said...

I hope and pray this won't happen again in most disturbing way.Glad your safe Ms.Jolly.

Take care always and hope you could update to tweet so I can update about what's happening to your life. My best regards and God bless you and your family.

Jolly Princess said...

@Luke Regler- Thank Luke, yes I am safe and being just careful to stay safe. @ravali- I am good, thanks for the blog visit.

Jolly Princess said...

@Jean- Ok, let go of me now so I can type. (lol) Thanks Jean. @audrinajulia - Most of Manila residents got scared of typhoon Helen right after the monsoon rain flooding. I am glad the typhoon is already gone. I am just too busy at home when not at work. I seldom visit my Twitter account.

roffe said...

I hope the Monsoon rain is over now. It's been raining here in Norway almost all summer with lots of damage..

Vivian said...

This is so sad. I've seen some videos online about the devastation of the Monsoon. Hope the victims recover soon.

Jolly Princess said...

@roffe - We are still on rainy season, but I do hope no much flooding anymore. @Vivian -Welcome to my blog. Yes, it was so sad. I do hope the victims will recover soon.

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