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Friday, October 26, 2012

Drastic Weather Change

Powerful adjective but that is how I could describe our Philippine weather these days. Being a tropical country, Philippines have summer and rainy seasons.  For several days we had warm weather and I was to blog about the sun shine.  The other night it rained, last night it rained real hard. Manila, Philippines is on storm signal number 1 as strong typhoon Ofel visited some areas of the country for the past two days. Several air and sea commuters were stranded as their planes and ships were not allowed to travel. Despite the dismay of some passengers, authorities are careful for safety of all travellers. 

The good news is, we will have fine weather over the weekend and on All Saints Day. All Saints Day is a feast Filipinos observed yearly. We visit our departed loved ones at their resting places offering candles and flowers. To some they offer prayers. It is the time of the year when families gather together. Memorial parks and cemeteries are on festive mood from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November. I will visit my parents on the 31st of October.

As I am typing this blog my window is now bathe with beautiful sunlight. I am home, my day off were Wednesday and Thursday. I like rain for my plants at my terrace to be happy but no to heavy rain. I am happy to witness the sunshine again, the start of a beautiful day!


Harry Nizam said...

Hi JP,

Sorry for what happened in your country lately. I am glad that there will fine weather over the weekend and during All Saints Day feast.

I wish you all the best.

Jolly Princess said...

Thanks, Harry. We have good weather here, now in Manila. I hope it would be this way until All Saints Day and All Souls Day are over. We Filipinos will be visiting our departed loved ones on these days. We are praying and hoping for good weather.

Time to Chill said...

i'm from the philippines as well. it's already november, a time when the weather should be nice and chilly but it's so bright and hot as if it's the summer (especially in metro manila)! sadly,i think it's the effects of global warming that we are feeling. :l hope it gets cooler by december.

Jolly Princess said...

@Time to Chil - Welcome aboard. Thanks for the blog visit. :)

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