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Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Hobby

Whenever I am on day off from work I would slumped on my red couch to watch television for early morning or evening news. Mostly not good news, but at least I am updated with what is happening around Manila, the entire Philippines and other countries as well. 

My television is the first appliance I bought since I started working at the Call Center. I call it call center baby.I still do not have cable as I am still debating what provider to choose.  Well, I guess not a priority for now. It is alright, I have access to international news anyway through internet.


roffe said...

I use the internet to wach television, lots of free station there.I've connect my computer to my television.

Zunnur said...


Watching news in the television is more relaxing than browsing news in the internet. You just have to sit down, watch and listen :)

Hope all is well.

Carrie said...

I used to use the internet to watch television, but now we have cable. I kinda threw Netflix to the side. I love watching my favorite shows like LMN, Teen Mom, etc. However, dealing with a cable provider sucks sometimes!!! My cable people had to come out 6 times just to fix the pixelization issue! It was horrible!

I love when I worked at the call center. It was such as easy job that paid very well!

Jolly Princess said...

@roffe- Oh,that is great you could use your computer as tv at the same time. @Zunnur - Very true, but I cannot edit what I am watching. (lol) @Carrie - Right, having satellite or tv ran through cable I would say may not be very good at all. This kind of services are dependent of the signal in a particular area. Competitors also are nuisance to some provider. Good for you as you like working in call center. I do not enjoy it but I need to earn for a living. True enough it pays good but some benefits are not provided. Some call center in the Philippines do not have retirement package.

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