Friday, November 16, 2012

Flag Counter

I had not known of so many countries in the world until I added this flag counter to my blog. Kudos to the developer!

I added this counter two years ago and since then, I had been mesmerized how this counter works.  

Please do not get me wrong, folks. I do not know the developer of this software. I am just happy about what I learned from this counter.   

Thank you to those who visited my blog. I thank more, those who kept coming back.


Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, Flagcounter is fun but you should try clustermaps as well and watch the world get covered in red dots as people open, read and enjoy your blog.
Have a great day :-)

Arjay said...

Hi JP,
I've newly found your site since last week and i don't hesitate to add yours on my bookmarks list.

i would like to congratulate for increasing readers to this blogs of your, and seems there will be more.

flag counter will reads all of those people who visited on their country . and i really agree whats Mr. Luke Suggested that once awesome widgets that would be fun to use.

by the way i just wondering if you are a fan of playing web games, i have here games that can be fitted to your blog niche which is Princess Pink.

you can still found hundreds of games here in Eric Best Online Games

Dai Ning Li said...

Just now I feel like attaching the app to my blog also! :) Thanks for sharing

Zunnur said...

Congratulations! That was quite an achievement. It is always great to know that your blog is viewed all around the globe. It also inspires you to keep writing.

Balqis said...

I love to see the different colors of flags of countries in the world. It adds to our knowledge which flag belongs to which country though it will be quite difficult to remember all. You have done a great job, Princess. It's a big achievement cos your blog is visited by people across the globe.

I have not been here for awhile but you are always in my thought. I miss the good old days and I do miss you! :)

Jolly Princess said...

@Luke Regler - Thanks for sharing the info.I will check on that. @Arjay - Thanks for the blog visit. I do not have time to play online games but will check on those links. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ Dai Ning Li - Right Ning, love those different flags too. @Zunnur - Thanks! I am glad to know I could inspire some of my blog readers. @ Balqis - I had been on and off blogging too. Busy with office work and household chores. :)

P V Ariel said...

Hi Nice to meet you,
I am using this since many years
a very good counter. This post will definitely help your visitors those who are not using this,
Have a good time ahead
Keep inform
Pl. remove the word verification.

Jolly Princess said...

@P V Ariel- Hello, thanks for the blog visit and leaving me a comment. The counter for me is very educational. It help me made aware of geography. Sorry, I can not remove the word verification. I had experience getting comments from spammers. But thanks for the suggestion.

P V Ariel said...

:-) :-) :-)

CaraMenjadiAgenPulsa said...

thanks...please visit my blog.ok

*Melodie68 * said...

je partage tout à fait cet avis :)

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