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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cooler Weather for January 2013

We are getting cooler weather in Manila, Philippines this month of January. The lowest temperature we had was 18 Degrees Celsius. On my day off from work, I would open the door to the terrace of my apartment and enjoy the cool breeze at night. The river close by is adding cooler temperature. I hope this kind of temperature would last long. But our weatherman says it could only last until around the month of March.

Our Health Department however had warned for possible ailments due to cold weather. Some of them could be common colds, flu, arthritic triggers and other sickness to be brought about by cooler temperature. My thanks to health authorities for the reminders, health conscious guys and gals should better watch out. I would say, no matter what kind of weather we have, we have to look after our health. After all, as the saying goes health is wealth.

Corollary to this, Sin Tax Bill was approved by our President Benigno S. Aquino 111, the 20th of December 2012. The bill is about increasing taxes for cigarettes and liquors. The money to be raised from these taxes will be used for universal health care programs of Filipinos who are unable to afford good medical assistance. Some of the monies will be used as livelihood for tobacco farmers.

I hope they will take into consideration also increasing salaries of health workers. I hope after nursing students graduated. They will not be enticed to work in a Call Center anymore for a higher pay, compromising a promising profession.


Nikki said...

They raised taxes here in the US too. I hope your right about paying the health care participants more.

It's gotten unseasonably cold here too, to the point it snowed yesterday! That's usually unheard of in NC.

I found ya on & I'm a new follower. I hope your having a great weekend! If you get a chance please stop by to say hi?


Harry Nizam said...

Hi JP,
The weather in SE Asia seems to be quite similar. It rains a lot and heavily in Jakarta and vicinity causing flood to some places.

Jolly Princess said...

@Nikki - Do not mind paying my taxes. I do hope our authorities are using the monies in proper way. Welcome aboard!:)@Harry Nizam - Yes, I observed that too, Harry.

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