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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year 2013

Simple Pre- New Years Eve dinner
My niece and I had our dinner for New Year the night before. I have work the 31st of December. Last Christmas we had our Noche Buena also a day before the event. We had to choose a day where I am on day off. I do not have time to cook.  We had to buy cooked food for our dinner. My niece wanted lechon last Christmas Noche Buena.  For the New Year, she wants her favorite El Pollo Loco chicken.  For info about this chicken restaurant just search the web. 

I bought grapes apples and mangoes. Mangoes are not in the picture to save space. W e got no Chinese descent, no need to follow the round fruit superstitions on the dinner table. I bought a bottle of Australian wine that actually is more on grapes juice. My niece did not like the wine much because of small amount of alcohol in it. I had to give up my can of 7 UP for the wine.  My niece is happy to have another can of 7UP. 

The corn on a cob, potato salad and tortillas, the side dish for the chicken made us so full. We had to take a cup of coffee to at least lighten our tummy. The fruits became part of those I stacked inside the fridge together with the Christmas dinner left over. New Years Eve at work, we were treated for a sumptuous pack dinner from TGIF- Fridays Restaurant. I had to take two cups of coffee so as not to sleep after taking my share.  

Eating is part of Filipinos celebrating Christmas and New Year. I hope you had a wonderful time with your loved ones and friends as you welcome 2013. 



Jidhu Jose said...

WoW.....delicious foods.
howz Wine? taste good?

Happy New Year

roffe said...

I wish you a wonderful new year ahead..

Jidhu Jose said...

can i have ur mail address?
pls mail me :

Jolly Princess said...

@Jidhu Jose @ roffe - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for being my first two blog visitors. @Jidhu Jose - I do not give out personal email address my friend.

Luke Regler said...


Happy new year. Keep on smiling and take some time to yourself. Did you finish the wine?

Jolly Princess said...

@-Luke Regler- Happy New Year my friend. No worries, I am busy but I am good. Yeah, wine is history. (lol) It tastes sooo good, it is gone in two days. I am buying another bottle.:)

Ravali Ravs said...

Wow..yummyy...I want those dishes... :(
Anyways Happy New Year Princess,it's been days for me at bloggers!!

Jolly Princess said...

@Ravali - Oh, hellooo! Welcome back! Pick your choice, they are yours to take home. (lol)

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