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Friday, February 01, 2013

Post Blog Anniversary Tribute

January 11, 2008 was when I created Jolly Princess @ World Wide Web. To date I am glad my blog is still alive despite my hectic schedule and having slacken from posting for months. I am happy to be able to meet some friends through blogging who not only inspired me by their thoughts but learning from them as well. Let me mention one blogger friend who had given me full support since I met him at the blogging world He is Luke Regler, his blog.

Luke is a teacher from United Kingdom, working and living in Jakarta Indonesia with his wife. Please do not get me wrong blogger friends. I had been inspired by all of you. However I want to mention Luke as one of the oldest blogger. Opps, I am not saying old in age, but old at the blogging world. Luke seems to understand well my mood in my blog posts. My blog is personal blog. I write anything, even my feelings, like when I am happy, sad or frustrated. When I am feeling low I would vent through my blog post. Luke comes to the rescue by writing encouraging comments. You may find his writing very direct but he is a gentle person. I hope his wife reads this post. I am sure he will get thousands of kisses from her. :)

Another gentleman whom I would like to mention is my friend Derek. A met him online in 2009. A year after I created my blog. He is not a blogger as he is a very busy man at work. He is also from United Kingdom. We are in constant communication and his encouragement is unrelenting. I am not a cry baby folks, I am a fighter, but life is real challenge at times.  I draw my inspiration from those people who appreciate and you know of their genuine concern.

I had mentioned another name in my previous anniversary blog post. He is Ed, a gentleman from Michigan United States. He is the guy who called me princess. Now, you know where I got my blog name. We do not communicate anymore. I created my blog after we lost touch. Ed is more of a challenge to me being a web developer.  I would like to thank him for being a real positive person. I know he was struggling with his relationship before. But it did not stop him from his creativity, his well crafted websites. I do hope he is happier now.

Folks, each one of you made a great contribution to my blog. You inspired me with your writings, you made me laugh, cry at times. Most of all you made me appreciate life, to the fullest. You are just too many to be mentioned. Keep blogging folks. Let us make the blogging world a happy community. To the scammers, it is time for change. Scambugs, be real and be happy, as the truth shall set you free.

Happy blogging... everyone!


Luke Regler said...

Ummmmm.................... speechless.

Thank you so so much for your kind words.

er...................Honoured. :D

Jolly Princess said...

@Luke Regler- You deserve it my friend. This is my way of saying THANKS to YOU! :)

Jidhu Jose said...

Best Wishes

Jolly Princess said...

@Jidhu Jose - Thanks! :)

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