Saturday, March 16, 2013

Breakfast and Recognition for 2012 Top Performers

March 14, Top Agents and top Team Captains for 2012 were treated to a breakfast at the gallery of our office. Each one of us was given certificate of recognition. There were five agents in our respective categories, recognized. The categories in random order are as follows. 

Top Tech Support for Optic TV and High Speed Internet
Top Tech Support for Satellite TV and Phone Repair
Top Tech Support for Dial Up Internet
Top Tech Support for Premium Care
Top Tech Support for Chat Team

I was awarded Top Agent for Satellite TV and Phone Repair. The recognition is just in time for some of the big bosses from Canada to witness.   No cash involve as I was telling my team mates. Yet, the recognition is a morale booster for the winners.  Another agent could take my place for 2013 but I am happy to be part of the history.  That once, I was one of the BEST!

The award costs me two boxes of family size pizza for my team mates.


Luke Regler said...

Wow you are a super star. Well done you. :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ Luke Regler - Thank you friend. Superstar? Not really. It is a product of dedication to my job and hard work. Hahhhhh! But there are times I feel too tired. :) said...


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