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Monday, April 15, 2013

Election 2013

I forgot to mention in my blog post another hot event in Manila and throughout the country is the ongoing campaign for our 12 Senatorial bets, Congressmen and local officials. We are to have the election comes 13th of May this year. As usual candidates have time to make themselves lovelies and handsome in the presence of their constituents and spectators during campaign rallies. I do hope if they get to be elected their promises are not to be broken. 
Our Commission on Election Chief and Officers all of a sudden became famous. The Chief had laid out rules for the campaign. Disqualifications were made on some nuisance candidates. In the Philippines, our constitution has provision for party list representatives to run. Whoever is the representative of a party list is given a seat in our Congress.  He also enjoys the benefits accorded to a Congressman. Our Commission on Election Chief was marred by criticism when he disqualified some party list to run. Motions for reconsideration were filed and left to the decision of our Supreme Court.

In the end, the sole judge for this sovereign exercise will be us, the Filipino people. I rally behind Filipinos who would opt for conscience voting. I want the taxes I am paying to be in good hands.

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