Sunday, April 28, 2013

Milk Tea

My niece loves tea.  She likes tea with milk, hot or cold. I love tea as well next to coffee but I have not tried adding milk to it. When we have the same day off we would have some cookies as our midnight snacks and hot tea.  My niece and I work at a call center but not the same company. I started adding liquid milk to my hot tea with a little sugar. The tea tasted even better.


Danica Stark said...

I started drinking milk tea when I was still in England. I really like it unsweetened and with just a splash of milk

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Danica Stark

Luke Regler said...

Being English, Tea is one of my favourites. In England is always milky and people think you are strange if you have it black. Here is the other way round. I now have it without milk. Far nicer.

Tea is great. One of the best brands is PG tips and is marketed by chimpanzees. You should search them out on you tube. Very funny.

roffe said...

I only drink tea when I have lunch at the office and without milk. I try milk once, but don't like it.

Jolly Princess said...

@Danica Stark - Welcome aboard Danica. I one of your blog follower already. Please check List on Google Friend Connect. @Luke Regler - I used to drink tea without milk when I am at work as I am trying to lessen coffee intake. Hmmm, will check of that PG tea. @roffe- Looks like we have are own way of liking this drink my friend. :)

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Jolly Princess said...

@TackThis - Welcome aboard! Thanks for the blog visit.

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