Monday, April 22, 2013

To Eat - Starve

I normally eat crackers, a small bar of chocolate to go with coffee when I am at work. Yesterday morning, after my last call I decided to wait for the mall to open to buy groceries.  The mall where our office is housed opens at ten in the morning. While waiting, I started working on our monthly online quiz. We are required to take the quiz as part of our monthly score.  We get the answers from the quiz by searching from a website we use to assist customers. The quiz comes from our training department who had mastered the art of creating confusing questions. Time frame is thirty minutes. To get incentives we need to get ninety five percent, which is actually the passing score. 

After the quiz, I read some work related emails and checked if I need to reply to them. I was thankful most of the emails need not be replied to. I got engrossed with reading and deleting some of the messages to console myself not to think about the quiz if I pass or did not make it.  Result will be published after two weeks. An office mate asked me why I am still on my desk. I checked on my computer clock and advised my curious team mate I need to go to the groceries. The inquisitiveness of office mate made me checked the time. It is time to get going, the mall is open. 

I did not buy much grocery items as it was my second visit for the week. I bought those items I had forgotten to buy on my first visit. I deposited my grocery items to the package counter and went to check some discounted sales inside the shop. Most groceries in Manila are located at the basement of the malls. I was looking for an air con at the appliance section of the shop. They do not have what I was looking for. I went out of the shop to check on two appliance stores where I found a budget friendly air con with at least good quality. Soon as I have the budget, I will buy the one I had chosen. It was time to go home.

I arrived home at one in the afternoon, immediately put the rice cooker to work. I checked inside the microwave oven, my niece had left alone our left over chicken wings. My niece and I work at night but different call centers. She would eat before she comes home.  I took out the left over bitter gourd veggie cooked with egg, from the ref. After few minutes rice was ready. My microwave did a good job heating the left over veggie. I was starving. The energy I exerted hopping from one shop to another inside the mall drained my tummy from the crackers and chocolate bar.


John's Island said...

Hi Jolly Princess, What an interesting story about the quiz. Do let us know how it turns out. :-) Want to thank you for stopping by John's Island and leaving me the kind words. You are a positive friend. Have a great day, John

Jolly Princess said...

@John's Island- I am always fascinated by the photos you post in your blog so I kept checking on you. Thanks for the blog visit.

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