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Friday, April 12, 2013

What is Hot in Manila?

The weather in Manila Philippines is about 35 degrees Celsius but even warmer in some Northern Luzon provinces. It is summer as declared by our weathermen. While some are getting ready for the beach escapade some prefer to stay home and save their money for their children school expenses comes June. June is the opening of classes in Philippines. My neighbor bought a plastic pool for their kids. The children about three to four years of age enjoyed throwing a toy penguin at each other inside the pool joined by some kids in the neighborhood. Our common yard became an instant swimming pool. 

My summer becomes hotter due to body temperature of almost 40 degrees. I had fever as I was attacked by my allergic cough.  I could not stop the cough despite my antihistamine cough medicines.  I went to see a doctor for the right medicines. Doc prescribed anti bacterial antibiotics and allergy tabs. Accordingly, I have asthma that is manifested in cough instead of shortness of breath. This normally happens to me when there is change of weather from cold to warm.  No worries this time folks. I am feeling much better now, no more fever but still coughing a bit.

What could not be hotter than setting aside a budget to file your income tax? Hot on the pocket, right, folks?  The deadline for filing our income tax is on the 15th of April. No extension according to our Internal Revenue Chief. I do hope those who will file their income taxes would do it before the deadline to avoid the rush. I am thankful not to be following a long line anymore to file my income tax. Nowadays, most offices in the Philippines file the income taxes of their employees.  I am one of those employees benefited by the change made by our Internal Revenue Officers.


Luke Regler said...

Hi JP, so are you a floppy hat and sunglasses girl or a stay indoors and be cool person? How hard is it to sleep during the day and do you sneak into the neighbours pool and have a quick splash before going to work? Stay safe in the sunshine :)

Jolly Princess said...

@ Luke Regler -(lol) Actually the wading plastic pool is just below my terrace. I am at the second floor of the building. Coming home from work at around 9am the kids are already noisily wading in there. I am an umbrella and sunblock person. It is cheaper than going to derma for sunburn. :)

jean pell said...

JP,It is interesting how our seasons are so different.
Our taxes deadline is April 15th also. How nice that your employer will file for you. I don't think that will ever happen here in the States!

roffe said...

It's beeen the coldest winter and spring here in Norway since 1893. You can send a litle of the heat to me.

Jolly Princess said...

@jean pell - Right Jean we miss Snowman in my country. But from the looks of it, from the story of my blogger friends who has snow in their country. I would rather miss Snowman. The tax form salaried employees are using is the clue why our Internal Revenue let our employers filed for us. @roffe - (lol) I would love to send you packages of sunshine. How about exchange gift? You could also send me package of snow from Norway to cool me off. :)

Meilina Utomo said...

love your blog

Meilina Utomo said...

love your blog

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