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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Purple Thumb

Most winning candidates last 13th of May on our automated election were already proclaimed as winners. Most are happy, yet some are not. Some are questioning the qualifications of the winners. Some winners are yet to be determined if they are qualified to run process wise.  Our Election Commissioner Chief had been strict on our Party List Representatives.  The battle for some disqualifications cases for these Party Lists Groups are still pending for resolution with our Supreme Court.  

                    My CONGRATULATIONS to the Winners!
As for me, I am glad our Electoral Chief has the political will to file the disqualification cases. After all winners from these Party List Groups have budget allotment taken from the tax payers money.  I am glad the election fever is almost over.  We may have chosen some, who may not be qualified credential wise but let us give them a chance to serve our people. I hope for the best these winning candidates should keep their promises.  To the newly elected ones, make our countrymen not regretful of their choices.  My gratitude goes to those government officials, businessmen and Filipinos who worked so hard to uplift our devastated economy. 

To all Filipinos, let us work hand in hand, let us help ourselves. Philippines is our country. When some of us work abroad we show the discipline and hardworking attitude innate among us. Why not in our own country? We have a beautiful country with resources above par with other countries.  My best hope for the future is for some nationalities to look up to your daughters with highest dignity.  Not to be labelled as harlots by some moron who does not even speak other language other than that of their own.


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