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Monday, June 17, 2013

Network Issue

After about almost two weeks of being out of phone and internet service my provider finally fixed their network problem. After our election day for senatorial, congressional seats and local officials was held, 13th of May, my phone went out. It did not bother me as I do not use the phone very often.  I still had the internet service. I thought of reporting the phone possibly on my free time from work. I would admit I have some habit of procrastination on things I do not need much. My phone is use to order food when my niece wants to spare me from cooking. It is fine with me as I use electric stove.  Cell phones are good substitute for landline phones.  It is why I do not miss my landline phone that much. 

After a week my phone had been out of service, my internet followed. I need to take action. Internet is more important than my phone.  I called my nephew to report the trouble, as the service is in his name. He also has the same provider for their phone and internet service. When he decided to stay in my apartment for the time being, I requested him to subscribe the service for me, for easy approval. The guy is just busy as a bee. He could not report the out of service phone and internet.  I decided to take over my assignment to him and use my cell phone, called the provider.

A field tech came over the following day. He fixed the phone from the outside facility as I emphasized to the tech support I spoke with over my cell phone. I work for a phone company. Al l trouble shooting had been done and no wirings are amiss inside the house. The field tech who came over had me signed a form after he fixed the phone. I asked him – “ How about my internet service? “ He replied-  “It will follow. It will be fixed soon”. The soon happens to be at least two weeks without internet service.  Call me a little pushy or determined on things I want to get done right away. I called the provider, everyday. They finally admitted they had network issue.

After two weeks of rigorous follow ups. I finally got my internet service back. Apparently the network issue covered a wide area. The telephone of my nephew in their house, located outside Manila is still out of service until now. His internet service is back after I made several follow ups to restore their service. Their area, do not have much technicians. Our provider has to have a schedule for a field tech to come for the phone. It is good internet service was fixed at the Central Office of our provider.  I am glad my services are back up and running now.


roffe said...

Wow..Is that possible, be without connection so long time. It almost don't happen in Norway..

Best regards....

Pinay Blogger Mom said...

i guess i am the same way with my internet provider. i'd really express my disappointments and sometimes even childishly threaten not to pay my subscription - which doesn't really work in a philippine business setting. that's why i got myself those internet dongle just in case i lost connection, i still have an option. im glad that your net came back.

Pinay Blogger Mom said...

i mean, im glad that you got your internet back up. where's my head lol.

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