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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My New Home

Two bedroom condo is not that big.
I have to be imaginative to have room for all my things. 
Finally, I am all settled at my new home. It is a two bedroom condo I am sharing with my nephew and my niece. I moved to the new place last 20th of July but it took a while before my phone and internet were moved to the new address. I got frustrated with my provider for a while.  One day, I made a follow up directly from their office instead of just calling. Right on same day I went to their office in the morning, at around four in the afternoon,  a tech knocked on my door. I am so happy to be back online.

The 26th of June was renewal of my contract with my previous apartment. I had some trouble about the dripping water from the roof whenever rain comes. I asked the building administrator for repair. He answered he is busy and he could not give me a time frame. I thought to myself, it is time to move. I could not afford a shorted computer and television when the rain comes simply because the building manager is busy.  I went online, checked my bank balance, get an appointment with an agent.  I guess my nephew and niece were a bit surprise when I mentioned we are moving.

My choice is a two bedroom condo. More expensive than my previous apartment but the place is a lot better. My niece wanted two bedrooms as well as she wants one of the rooms to herself.  She is sharing the rental fee. I share the other room with my nephew. He seldom comes to the condo as he most of the time sleeps at their office due to the nature of his job or he goes home to Laguna. A place to the south of Manila, the room is most of the time mine.  Here are some photos of my new home. 

Inside the community are several 6 floors towers/buildings.
With guards, CCTV cameras, and amenities. 

Candy colored tower/building is were my unit is housed. 
I use this elevator only when I go up to the roof deck to hung clothes.
Or, when I get home with bags of groceries. For security reason each tenant
is given a card to use this elevator. The elevator will not open without
the elevator card. My unit is at the second floor.
 I walk all the way up most of the time. 
My unit at the second floor, close to the exit. Few steps away from the stairs. 
My living room. 
Dining and kitchen.

The room I share with my nephew.
From the looks of the bed sheets I guess you know where my bed is.
This room belongs to my niece. Her gadgets are her treasures.
My bathroom. Yup! My house is color coded. I got a blue bathroom.
Notice that tissue holder is making  a face.It does not want to stay in the bathroom. :)
The laundry cage where I hung clothes. This is at the roof deck, 7th floor. 
The swimming pool. The most attractive of all amenities to kids. :)
Last of the photos is the club house. This is still under construction.
I hope you enjoy checking on the photos of my humble home. :)

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