Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shopping for the Holidays

A month before Christmas, I started scouting for something to buy. Some of those I started buying are some Christmas decors, gift items and Christmas Cards.  Unlike previous years when malls are loaded with various items to choose from, this year there are only few items.  Either some manufacturers had been wise in their production of Christmas items or there are lesser buyers. The country had been visited by various nature and man made calamities in some areas. It could be the possible reasons manufactures had thought of people using their saving for the victims of these calamities instead of shopping.

I want the thought of a happy Christmas to ward off the negative vibes. I bought a small Christmas tree. I already have a lead Christmas lights I had used in my previous apartment. True enough when you buy these lead lights, they could be reuse in the coming years without hassles. Plus, you can expect lesser electricity bills. I even changed the bulbs I am using at home to lead light. Lead lights are expensive. But when I think of the savings I will have on my monthly electric bills. It is worth spending on these kinds of lights. The next shopping will be to find something to decorate my Christmas tree.

Before Christmas is Halloween. I do not want scary figures in my house. I do not shop for pumpkins and scary mask. I bought candles and flowers for my parents as I visit their resting place. Halloween in the community where I live is for the children. I received a letter from our admin to donate cash or candies for trick or treat. When I went to the grocery the other day, there was scarcity of candies.  I settled for the small wrappers of candies. I thought of buying the big wrappers as they are cheaper. I gave the candies to the admin secretary this morning. I put them is a jar wrapped with black and orange ribbon.

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