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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thank You!

The Filipino people are grateful to all countries and individuals who prayed, empathized, offered donations in service, cash and all sort of items to our countrymen who were victims but survived the strongest typhoon, Haiyan.

It was my day off from work and I busied myself flipping our local channels as the news were being aired about the landfall of the ever strongest typhoon in the Philippines. Videos sent through our local channels at the onset of the typhoon in the provinces hardly hit by typhoon scared me off. I prayed for Divine intervention. I know from the looks of the gusty winds and heavy rainfall there could be casualties.

Manila had about wind of at least 60kph but less rain. My sister lives in the Bicol province. We busied ourselves sending messages through our cell phones on that very day typhoon Haiyan was ravaging the Tacloban City and other Visayan areas. Bicol provinces like Manila had storm signal number 2. Manila was spared, same where my sister and he husband lived. Their only daughter, my niece and I are in Manila.

The aftermath of Haiyan was devastating. I cried for my fellow Filipinos. Before typhoon Hayian, Cebu and Bohol two of Philippines tourist destinations also in the Visayan Island were rocked by 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Was God sleeping in those days these tragedies were happening? My answer is no. He was with us all throughout, it is why Filipinos can still smile after the storm. We cried for the loss of our loved ones, someone prayed. We asked for help, and the outpouring help are underway.

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