Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Family Bonding

With my youngest bro and his family. We visited our parents resting place, yesterday Dec 23. To wish them MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! It was their Wedding Anniversary, Dec. 22.

Our previous plan was to visit them right on the day of their Wedding Anniversary, but I got work. We had to postpone for the following day, as my day off falls on Monday and Tuesday. I was granted vacation leave Wednesday, Christmas Day. I feel great! 

It was a good decision. The traffic jam could have prevented me from coming to work had we visited Sunday the 22nd of Dec. I work at night. One thing good about our getting stuck in the traffic jam was my bonding with my niece inside the car driven by my brother.  They dropped me off home and we had some exchange gifts after our quick lunch at a pizza parlor. It was fun to get from them my wish list as their Christmas present. 

The three hours visit to my condo was like several hours to me. They had to be head home soon, as my brother knew he will battle with traffic jam again once they get off my premise. I was too tired after they left. I slept on the couch at the living room, ignoring noise as my neighbors celebrate their Christmas party. Christmas is tiring, yet it is full of fun!

                                                 MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

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