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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Obama in Manila

American President Barack Obama was in Manila, Philippines April 28 and 29. Philippines is the last Asian country he visited, after visiting Japan, South Korea and Malaysia this month of April on his Asian tour.

It was my day off. While working on my laundry, I kept busy with the remote control of my television flipping back and forth from one television station to another. Here are some photos I took from my television using my Iphone.
Air Force One at Philippine airport.
April 28 around 1:30pm

Waiting for  Pres Obama to get off Air Force One.
Pres. Obama being escorted away from Air Force One
Pres. Obama'sMarine One chopper, on his way to meet
the Pres of the Philippines Benigno Aquino 111. 

Pres Obama meeting the Pres of the Philippines
at Malacañang Palace, Manila.
  To the Filipinos, it was short, but meaningful visit,  
Thank you Mr. President! 

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