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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Year After

My  living room a year after.
Wow! Time runs too fast. I had been at the condo I am sharing with my niece for a year now.  I remember I had a little difficulty looking for a place last year. I was determined to leave the previous apartment due to some repairs to be done. The owner is unable to provide me with time frame as to when the repairs could get done.  Uh, oh, I thought to myself, I cannot take chances.  The roof leaks when rain comes, too risky for my computer and my television.  No one so far had invented a water proof computer and water proof television.

My living room right after the move last year. 
Thanks goodness internet was invented. I searched for a place to move. I had to look for a place closer to the apartment to avoid exorbitant fees when I hire mover. The first apartment I found was walking distance. I called the number posted on website.   I was a day late. Someone called the owner, a day before I did. The new tenant paid the deposit and one month advance, signed the contract of lease. Moving is not easy. I had to look for a place I feel safe, accessible to rides, and not too costly. Finally, I found one and called for appointment. The accommodating agent was glad to tour me around.

The next thing, I did, was bought some boxes to pack our things. I was almost out of sleep as I cannot be on leave from work for so long.  I reserved at least four days vacation leave for the move. The move was July 20th, just when rainy season started. Unpacking was another tedious thing to do. When mover unloaded all the boxes and appliances, my place was like a warehouse.  My niece and I took turns arranging our stuff until the living room looks like it should be.  At least we are safe from leaking roof, and smelly prowling cats and dogs.

The condo is more expensive compared to the previous apartment, but we get to enjoy some good things in life we did not have before. After all, rewarding one self, after working hard is just right. 

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