Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I woke up early today. It was my day off Monday and Tuesday. When my niece comes home at four in the morning from work and she knew it is my day off, she would knock at the door to get in. It is simply to tease me, instead of getting her keys from her back pack bag. One time I was fast asleep in my room with door closed. I did not hear her knocked.  She knocked three times, no footsteps coming to the door. Mindful of waking up some neighbours, she had no choice but used her keys.  This morning after I opened the door, I went ahead and prepared my breakfast.

You read it right, my breakfast. My niece and I both work in a Call Center, different companies though.  Her working hours is from seven in the evening to four in the morning. She would eat breakfast at one of the fast food chain close to her office. I had three pieces of pancakes, a hotdog and my favorite drink, black coffee. The pancake of course is ready mixed. I added one egg, presto, I had a nice breakfast. No syrup, I simply whipped some butter on top of each piece. Easy preparation while my washing machine was churning for the last batch of clothes for the week laundry. 

When I am home, I normally do not eat breakfast. A cup of coffee suits my morning. I thought of rewarding myself with simple breakfast as I had a little insomnia yesterday. I was supposed to be sleeping yesterday afternoon then wakes up at night, yet I could not sleep. Either, I overslept Monday evening or I was tired cleaning the house. I was asleep on my red couch for about an hour while watching the news on my television. Hmmm... kind of difficult to do, watching and sleeping . Well, that is another talent I mastered through the years.

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