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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lunch Time

I have a small kitchen, yet it serves its purpose. What else but cook my favorite veggie.  

This is bitter gourd, ampalaya in Flipino lingo. Some may not like this vegetable as the name it connotes, bitter and it is so.  While there are times I like it eaten raw, with tomatoes, onions, garlic, salt and vinegar. When I have time to cook, I cook this veggie by sautéing and adding eggs. I do not add water. It has its own juice, enough to cook it on its own. It goes with fried fish, pork chop or simply plain veggie with rice for lunch!

Despite the not too good taste to some, this vegetable is very nutritious. Bitter gourd has the ability to lower blood glucose for diabetics. It is a good source of vitamin C when eaten raw.  It has lutein, good for eye disorders. It has liver cleansing properties and a lot more. Take few minutes searching the web. You will find numerous health benefits this vegetable offers. 

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