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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Day Off

Once, I was asked by an office mate what kept me busy during my day off? Well, first thing, keeping my home in order to make it a cool place to stay. Living in a small home, I have to make things organize. I have lots of things in my home. I tried to keep them in order to give room for space. There are pros and cons living in small home.  It is easy to clean and maintain, due to small space. Organizing is a bit of a challenge.  

Emptying the laundry basket is another activity that kept me busy on day off. I do not want to go laundry shop.  I have some friends who complained about declining the number of their clothes.  My clothes are not designers’ clothing but are precious to me. I do not want to give them away unless I am giving to charity.

Best of all, my day off is time for my computer and my television.  I thank my youngest bro and sister in law, for pushing me to learn computer.  I learned it on my own. I did not have formal education in a computer school.  When I learned it, I simply could not get this machine off my hobby.  My computer paved the way of getting me a job.  Internet is add-on to my computer knowledge.  It is my window to the world.

My television is not the new LED type. For now, it works fine. It enables me to keep abreast with events within my country and anywhere in the world. Coming home from work, it is nice to stretch in my red couch and watch the news. I am not fond of soap operas and dramas. I go for comedies and musicals. I want to laugh even on corny jokes. What I am trying to learn is how to watch television while sleeping in my red couch. It is not easy to learn, I know. 

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