Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Top Agent

The Wicked lady is Number One! :)
Edited for privacy 
She is my niece, my home buddy. She is agent of the year for fiscal year 2014. My niece is a back office agent of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) catering support to a gas company in United States. I am not surprise at all when she showed me the Certificate of Recognition as she had been a consistent agent of the month. As far as my memory dictates me, there were only two months she had not been an agent of the month.

 I call her Wicked lady to tease her due to her attachment to the play Wicked. Wicked had a world tour.  Manila was among the lucky cities in the world visited by the Australian cast, Wicked, January to March this year. I chaperoned my niece to Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the 27TH OF January. I endured the three hours wait at the lobby as she enjoyed a front row seat inside CCP.  I refused when she offered to buy me a ticket.  I do not want her to spend a lot for the show.

A computer and internet geek, there is no way we could lose our internet service at home.  She had been an avid fan of computer since day one she encountered the machine at school. Same thing with her books, she treasured like jewels.  Her current hobbies, she collects comic magazines and Android Netrunner Living Card Game. Her comics and card games reminds me for a new utility cabinet. Her clothes will be out of space inside her wardrobe, soon.

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