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Monday, November 03, 2014

All Souls Day

I visited my parents resting place the 2nd of November, thinking there could be less people going to the memorial park.

At the entrance of the Memorial Park..

Some people opted to walk from the entrance just to be with their departed loved ones.
I chose to ride this vehicle, we call tri-cycle in our local lingo. I know it will be very warm inside the memorial park. I need to reserve some energy. The guy inside is not me. He did not know he will be my model. 
Whoaah! These cars caused traffic jam inside the memorial park! Considering the throng, I was wrong! Most of us opted to visit on All Souls Day instead of All Saints Day!
Liters of flower from previous day (Nov 1) visit. Good job for the memorial park care takers. I was expecting more liters. 
Finally.  I got to my destination. The white statue of praying Jesus Christ. The Garden of Gethsemane, where my parents were laid to rest.
Simple flowers and a candle for them.  I'm glad I was able to light the candle without hassle. The candle holder is not my mother's favorite. I left the candle burning as I go home. My care taker will make sure the candle will wick out soon as it is almost consumed. 

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