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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chicken Pie

My niece, my home buddy is on work training for two days. The training will run for two days morning shift, Monday and Tuesday this week. We both work at night. Monday and Tuesday are my day off, too. Soon as I got home yesterday morning, I started tossing clothes in my washing machine while cooking lunch for myself and dinner for my niece.  At three in the afternoon, I cannot resist the invite of my bed. I was sound asleep when my niece came home.
I woke up at seven in the evening I checked on her inside her bedroom.  She was sound asleep. On our dining table is a small box with label, chicken pie and the dinner I prepared. I thought, she probably had dinner after the training. I went back to my bedroom. I woke up at nine in the evening for my dinner. My niece was awake, working as usual on her laptop. The dinner I prepared for her was gone, the chicken pie was spared? It was for me! I thanked her with a wide grin on my face.  They had free lunch at the training. She brought home the chicken pie for me. 

I ate rice and the lady finger veggie I prepared for my dinner. At around four in the morning, I prepared a cup of black coffee. I peeled off the wrapper of the chicken pie put it inside the oven toaster. The yummy chicken pie was gone in few bites. Black coffee and chicken pie, equals great breakfast! With the fork still in my hand I came to her room and teasingly, I said - “ I want some more! “ 

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