Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Keepsakes of Christmas 2014

The Christmas tree, I decorated as early as the first week of December will be hibernating for a while until the next Christmas. I could probably add more Christmas balls by then. I just could not capture the twinkling lights even if I use my digicam instead of my phone. Oh, you probably notice the teddy bears are not there yet on my first post. They were given to me by my youngest brother when he and his family visited me at home. He got a job assignment in Ireland and Oregon U.S. He knew I love teddy bears. :)

The Poinsettia flowers had fallen off from the twigs. Now, new green leaves shoot up, indicating a new life. I am keeping my fingers crossed I could keep it alive until the next Christmas. 

Some of the Christmas presents I received. These are priceless gems to me. My special thanks to the gift givers. There are more gifts, actually. I used or ate some of them already. :)

Folks, Christmas 2014 is over. As we look forward to the coming year 2015, I am wishing you ALL, a PROSPEROUS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers! :)

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