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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Kitchen Allies

Here are some of the Christmas gifts I received from my family members. My activities in the kitchen now, made easy. 

I love this two sided pan. For good health, no more oil needed. I can easily cook meat, fish and veggies with this pan. I just put pork chop or chicken inside, cover it up and in less time, it is cooked. I can also put some veggies together with the meat, like carrots, cauliflower, lady fingers and others. No hassle in washing, too. Yes, I can use this on my butane and electric stove. 

Who does not want to have a waffle and coffee for breakfast? I love pancake but instead of flipping pancakes. I have this waffle maker. 

Well, busy people should not spend too much time in the kitchen, folks. I am really happy I received these precious gifts. I just have to edit the first photo. I am not selling the product. I am sharing some ideas here. And.. to tell the givers, how much I appreciate these kitchen allies.  :)

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