Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Love Month Activities

It was the birthday of my late father 5th of February. I have work that day. I brought him basket of fresh flowers and candle, the 8th of February, my day off. 

Giving of flowers on Valentine’s Day is a tradition most of the team captains at our office do not want to miss. I received a long stem rose from my thoughtful team captain. She gave all the ladies in our team one stem red rose.  I took it home, these cuties enjoyed the company for a while. 

My team mates and I were jubilant knowing our team won as Best Team, 4th Quarter on 2014. This was unexpected. Most of us in our team are tenured agents. We handle the most difficult calls and unresolved issues. Customer survey is part of our monthly score.  The sentiments of customers varies on their unresolved issues. We received the award a day after Valentine’s Day. We are proud of the achievement! 

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