Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Living in a Small Home

The challenge in living a small home is how to make everything fit and still look and feel cozy while you are home. That is of course, not having to worry about spending much to make your place look good. I would like to say thank you to some blogger friends who have been posting links on how to live and decorate small homes.

I added picture frame and hang red wall clock on the window grill in my living room. I added two throw pillows on top of the brown ottoman. The ottoman is great to store some of my things.  

Other function of this shoe cabinet is for some nicknacks. Hopefully, I would have a budget soon for a new couch where I could lie down while watching television. 

One of my hobbies on my day off from work is watching tv, while the washing machine is churning. I changed the electric fan here. It used to be a white stand fan. There is no provision for AC in my living room, just in the two bed rooms. 

Glad to have the wenge bookself in lieu of small shelves. It gives illusion making my living room looks bigger. I hang a mirror on the closet using scratch free hook with nicknacks on top that serves as decor.

The closet serves as divider, to the living room and small kitchen area. 

My place may not be as luxurious as others may have, but it is place I can call... my home. Have a great day, folks! :)

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