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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I am on Training

My day off from work was changed. From Monday to Tuesday, now Saturday and Sunday due of my training to become an internet tech support.  Right folks, it will be an added responsibility.  But let us put it this way.  Added responsibility means added learning experience, added customers satisfaction and added technical fee. At present, I am a tech support for phone and satellite television issues.

 I was elated when management announced early last year, we are to be crossed trained.  If the management decision made some happy, some had mix reaction about the cross training for various reasons. The training will not be easy for those do not have formal education in computer. I am one of them.  So, what difference does it make? I know I can learn or should I say I have passion for learning.  

Call it optimism, yet I know where I am putting myself in. I had struggle at the beginning as tech support for phone and satellite television.  I know after the current training it would be more or less same scenario.  Few things I kept holding on to, I can learn, I have the ability to speak with customers.  I want to help the company I am working with grow and continuously grow even after I retire from the job. 

Life is not perfect. It is why we kept studying and continuously acquire and accumulate knowledge. Knowledge is a gift, why not cultivate it? Grab the opportunity that knocks on your door. The knowledge and skills we cultivate may not benefit us for now.  But think about how far it could go and help people improve their way of life in the future.  

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