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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello WWW!

It has been almost a month I have not posted anything on my blog folks. I am okay,  just busy at work. My three in the morning schedule is also a bit of a challenge.

Few weeks after my internet and optic television training I mentioned to my team captain I am getting only few internet and optic television calls.  Internet covers broad range of issues. The two weeks training is not enough to be in the know of the intricacy of the job. Besides, I did not take computer course in my college years. Neither a computer subject was into my business course. I was under the old curriculum of the Philippine educational system when I was in college.

Thankful indeed, towards the end of July and the whole month of August I have been into internet and optic tv calls. I received few phone and satellite tv calls. It made me happy but into deep analysis on every call I get. I know it would take a while before I get familiarize with the internet issues. Optic tv is a bit easier than internet issues.  As mentioned in my previous post, my internet training was beginning of June for two weeks. Optic tv training was beginning of July for a week.

It would take at least six months or so of taking internet calls before I could adjust fully. No quitting, learning is fun, folks!

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