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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Eyes

Happy eyes indeed! Thank you doc Kristine for a job well done!

I had my eyes checked as I had been having dizziness and slight migraine headache. I can tolerate the headache but not the dizziness. I called the eye clinic I visited years ago and set an appointment.

Apparently the grade of my reading glasses increased, causing my dizziness. I thought I would try to buy the frame and lenses from the same eye clinic to make sure the fit is according to the result of their examination. After three days, I picked up my pair of reading eye glasses. Love it!

The frame is not expensive, but the convenience of having the right lenses is what I like in my new reading glasses. I tried an optical shop a month before I went to the eye clinic. But the lenses didn't fit me when it was done. The grade was too high. I like this one a lot better. 

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