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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Lunch is Ready

This is just a recipe for busy me.  I was thinking of buying tilapia fillet at the supermarket after work for a change. But, no more stock, I ended up buying the fresh fish. I bought two for my lunch and dinner. I had them cleaned at the supermarket.

As soon as I got home I stuffed the fish with onions and tomatoes. Put them neatly in my electric griller. On my electric stove, a pot of rice, took out a frozen piece of pork chop for my niece. I waited for few minutes, fish and rice were done.

It is the pork chop turn on the electric stove inside my Happy Call cookware. I peeled and sliced cucumber for my veggies, then set the table for two. I was hungry! Yup, my work shift ends at 12 noon. My niece wakes up 3pm. Before she gets ready for work at 7pm, she eats. By the time she wakes up. I’m sound asleep. That is how it is for two call center ladies, folks. :)

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