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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yuletide 2015

Aside from getting a good sleep on my day off, working on my laundry and house cleaning. Decorating my small living room kept me busy this Christmas. Happy atmosphere attracts good vibes.  

Vintage Christmas chain, I would say. I gave this to my mother to decorate our living many years back. I found it well kept inside one of her treasured boxes.

Christmas will not be complete without this famous tree.

It is nice dressing up my pillow cases for the occasion. 

Huggable bear Santa Claus guarding the entrance to my living room

Sorry for the mess on the dining table. Those blue ribbons were made out of biodegradable trash bags. I thought of wrapping up some boxes with white and blue biodegradable trash bags. They look nice on top of my wardrobe. No need to spend on expensive Christmas decors. You can work on DIY decors you can find around your home. 


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