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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Thank you ponkan. You saved me from the impulse of opening that fridge. Yay! I have voracious appetite when I am home on my day off from work. This ponkan is sweet and so as my life. 

What is up with me? Month of January has been a good month for me. When I received my mid month pay I wonder if our payroll officer had mistakenly credited doubled my bank account for my half month pay. We get our pay slip online through our HR. I did not pay much attention checking on my pay slip. I mentioned the issue to one of my office mates. The following day, he mentioned I was given a bonus due to my excellent attendance. He too received the same amount. I was elated! It was unexpected. 

The next day after checking may pay slip online, I approached my former team captain. She confirmed it was indeed a bonus. It was like, there was an excess budget for the year 2015. Management decided to give the excess to some agents who have perfect work attendance. Some of my office mates though received only half of what I received. I thanked her for the info, went to the pantry and bought her a sandwich and paper cupful of ice tea.

On the 21st of January, I met my long time online friend. He has been in Manila for three years studying medicine but his schedule at school and my day off from work hindered us from seeing each other. He is off at school Saturday and Sunday, mine is week days. On his semester breaks he would go home to California. We constantly communicated through text messages teasing each other if we have time. Then, comes the 21st of January, he finally visited me at my place. I was so happy to give him the long overdue hug! So there is indeed friendship at WWW!

Oh, my training? I did not pass the score for the month of January, yet I am optimistic I will make if for the month of February. In life, I know there is always a perfect time for everything . As long as I do the right thing, and never give up hope, the reward will come very soon. Keep smiling folks. Life is good!

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